21. September 2014

Blogging in English

Hi there!

Here you are sitting in front of your computer/laptop/cell phone/tablet and asking yourself what the heck is wrong with Christine? You probably are going to believe I went mental (but to be frank with you guys I always was crazy)

"So what´s up Christine? You do remember that your preferred language of blogging is German? You just read in English. You remember, don´t you?"
Yes, indeed, I am aware but I thought we could spice some things up and do a little something together.

So I went running the other day (a rather seldom occasion) and I went for the first time ever without my iPod and I was forced to think (terrible, right?). I noticed that many bloggers are like "Well I like reading English, but my English is really really bad. Like I can´t formulate a correct sentence" and then go on to speak in fabulous Shakespearenesque English. My problem with that is people are not confident with their foreign language skills but to be frank: No one freaking cares if you have zero errors in a sentence or 16 errors and have a use of grammar similar to Yoda´s as long as you can express yourself clearly. 

I was still thinking and one half of me, was like, OMG STAHP RUNNING YOUR LEGS R ON FIRE!!! and the other half was "Wait what if we would just increase our confidence in the English language if we all would start blogging in English. As you can tell, the way my brain works is rather weird.

Then I remembered a conversation I had with my lovely cousin Mireia (BTW shout out to you!). To those who are not aware: I have a sort of weird mixed familiy background. Basically I speak with a part of my family in English.
So the cousin earlier mentioned works in marketing and I was translating my TFIOS Review to her and she was telling me I should blog in English and so on. And that memory now encourages me to start this little blogging party and after this way to long introduction, the facts:

The challenge begins on the first of Oktober and ends on the 31st of December

Everyone who can speak a little English. It really does not matter how well you can speak/write in English. This is not meant to show off people´s English skills or to laugh about mistakes. 

Blog occasionally in English

Whatever you like. Reviews, beauty, books, lifestyle, gaming etc. You could talk about your aunties back pain if you like

How often?
As you like it. Although the minimum is three posts for the entire period of three months.

To practice your English. To increase your confidence in your English. 

How to sign up?
You will email me (books.cupcakes@aol.com). Your Email should contain: your name, your blog name and URL and if you want to for a little fun, if you are posting in American, British, Australian etc. - English.
Please create a page / post / tag where I can see how many English post you have written. 
Of course it would be nice, if you would do a little advertising but you don´t have to. 
An overview can be viewed on my challenge site :)

Anything else?
You can sign up at any given time up until the last day of the challenge. 
There are two banners, because someone might have more of a British English and someoneelse might have more of a American Englisch, so I thought you could chose. And you can use the banners if you like. 
Of course you can make your own banner if you want, and if you think other people can / should use it, you can tell me and I´ll make an extra link with all the banners, to chose from. ("My" banners are from the lovely Lisa from Lisas Bücherchaos)
On top of that everyone who participates and writes three posts or more has a chance to win a prize in the New Year. 

I hope you guys will like this idea. I would love to her all of your thoughts in the comments below ;)

Love you,


  1. Wow, that's a great idea! I have to admit that I haven't participated in a challenge for a long time and I haven't written a lot of blog posts in the last time. But I really like your idea of writing some blog posts in English. We're reading books in English, so why not writing in English as well?! I'm not absolutely sure right now if I will participate because I'm quite busy these days, but I will think about it. In any case I will do some advertising.
    Filo :)

    1. Thanks alot for your feedback! Advertisement would be really helpful.
      I am really glad you like the idea! I really hope you will participate, but no pressure or anything!

  2. Hi :D
    Super idea. I would love to participate.
    But unfortunately, I'm doing an unwilling break until about the middle of October... So i will be involved at first in some weeks :)
    Love Greetings Lina :)

  3. The idea is realy good! I like it :)
    I have to think whether I will participate, because I think I'm realy - REALY - bad in English and I will probably need ten hours for writing a few sentences ;D (but I see, I learn to love "leo dictionary" xD)
    But... I think the idea is so great I have to participate :D So, anyhow I will make advertisement for this projekt and probably I will participate...

    Yeah, I see there's not much information in my comment and I hope you understand me :D But how I said, my English is terrible ;)

    Lovely greetings

    Maaan, I wrote that, like, reaaally long comment, and it just ....disappeared.....AAARGH I haaate, when that happens.

    Just wanted to tell you, awesome idea, will write you an email right away!

    And, I'm curious, is your cousin actually english, like, british english, or "just"...you know, an native english speaker and from....don't know, Hawaii? (Yes I knoooow, that's America to, yeah, whatever.)

    I spent my last three weeks in a town near Denver, because my family's also kinda mixed up (you have turkish, indian (not sure^^), american and german of course, you pick what you want :D), so basically I also have to talk english to half of my folks ;)

    Just. Awe. Some. Idea, APPROOOVED!! I'm sooo gonna do this!
    ♥ Ley ♥

  5. Originally I wanted to comment in german but look at that ... so. Let me think, reading in english is a lot easier than writing in english. At first, I think your idea is really, really great!! We all know people who say their english "isn't that good" and then start talking and you're just like whoa John Green slow it down a little. But I have to say, I don't blog really constantly at the moment. Since months, whatever. So for me, it wouldn't make sense to do the challenge (those things put pressure on me way too fast) ... but I'll see what I can do, maybe I'll write a short post about your cool idea anyway, to spread your thought. :)

    Love, Sandra

    PS: Oh my, I know that running feeling, bro ... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GfeqDOsSdas/Ug5kTk9hzyI/AAAAAAAAA3M/4UhJLhNli6I/s1600/MEME-Running.jpg

  6. I have thought about it and I would say I participate! :) But I'm not sure, if I can write my first English post before my autumn holidays, because at the moment I'm realy stressed and so I'm glad if I manage it to write a post in German... ;)

    Lovely greetings <3

  7. Hi there!
    A friend of mine recommended me this challenge, and I have to admit, it sounds great :) I'd love to participate, too!

    Out of context: I do love your blog! The colours and the layout are so nice and your reviews are pretty fun to read, too :)

    Best wishes,

    1. http://carlysbuchsucht.blogspot.de/2014/10/challenge-blogging-in-english-and.html

      My challenge-link :)

  8. Aaa damn it :D I just started to write and then my pc went down. So anyway. I just love your idea. I love reading in English and all the films and series I watch are english. And I wanted to start a category for english reviews anyway, because when I read a book in englisch, I also have to write it the review in english, otherwise I would get a headache :D. I also made one tiny little atempt to do it with To Kill a Mockingbird. Well, your challenge is the perfect opportunity to start it all over. And I think it's going to be fun. :)


    ps: Another plus..I have an english keyboard and it really is a lot easier to write in English instead of German with it :D

  9. This is such a good idea! I think it's good to speak more English because so many things are done in English today. It is a really good practice for everyone! Sometimes I also read in English, so why shouldn't I start to write in English. This is gonna be so much fun! I'll probably write more british, so I will choose that button!
    Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity :)
    Love, Anna ♥


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