6. Januar 2015

Who sucks at her own challenge? || Blogging in English Ending

You all know the answer. I do!
Well although I suck, you did not! Congrats and happy new year! May tumblr be overflowing with Page 1 from 365 Posts!
I probably should have been more active here on blogger but you guys know life happens. However I hope you enjoyed your challenge. And all of you and I mean all of you wrote in excellent English. Therefore I would very much enjoy some feedback!

I know I said in the beginning that only people who completed the challenge were allowed to participate in the giveaway. I changed my mind. Everyone who tried to master the challenge can participate in the comments! All of you did such a great job! 

The only thing I require is you to tell me in the comments whether you enjoyed the challenge and what English book you would like to win!

You have time to participate until next week [December 13th]. On December 17th I will announce the winner who can win an English book of their choice [value up to 15€]. I will then send them the book through amazon.de. 

I hope you all have a wonderful new year!´

Lots of love