Alle Morddrohungen, Heiratsanträge und alles, was nicht für die anderen Social Media Plattformen nicht geeignet ist, kannst du gerne an books.cupcakes@aol.com schreiben.

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  1. Hi Christine,

    I hope you don’t mind the email. I’m a British Indie author and published my first novel in 2014. Since then, I’ve written two Sci-fi thrillers and a time-travel Mystery. All of which are selling comparatively well on Amazon US and UK Sites.
    Last year I decided to dip my toe into the mythical black-hole of book translation. Through a series of fortunate events I happened upon a great translator and published ‘Die unerwartete Gabe des Joseph Bridgeman’


    Sales are just starting to pick up but I’m keen to try and build my audience in Germany and continue to translate my work.

    ‘Die unerwartete Gabe des Joseph Bridgeman’ is a mix of time-travel, drama, romance and mystery. Reading a bit about your blog it sounds as though it might appeal to you. Would you consider giving it a try?
    If so, I can email you an eBook version. (let me know if you prefer .mobi or .epub).





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